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Snow Plough

Product Code: BCS SP
The Snow Plough is the fastest way of clearing snow. The curved blade efficiently rolls the snow up and away from the blade and off to either side. The snow plough is very safe to operate and simple to use yet is able to move significant amounts of snow in a short space of time.

Features of the Snow Plough

100cm working width

Clears snow up to 30cm deep

Runs on saucer-shaped skids which are easily adjusted for working height

The plough can be angled into 5 positions - left, right or straight ahead

The angle of the blade can be adjusted to deal with deep snow

The plough "floats" to follow the ground contours

The metal cutting bit at the bottom of the blade is replaceable

There is an optional Soft Blade Kit available for use on more sensitive surfaces

The skids can be replaced with optional Castor Wheels for easier manouevrability
BCS Snow Plough - For Crusader & 2 Wheel Tractor
Price: £702.00 £666.90
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BCS Snow Plough - For Commander
Price: £702.00 £666.90
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