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BCS Nano Spreader

Product Code: BCS Nano
About the Nano Spreader

The Nano Spreader will evenly distribute dry material across a surface and is ideal for spreading salt on footpaths, pavements, car parks, and other areas.

The Nano Spreader is available as an attachment for BCS power units or as a stand-alone push-along unit.

Features of the Nano Spreader

Up to 3m spreading width which can be adjusted via a deflector

35kg capacity

The direction of salt spread can be adjusted

Metal gearbox for increased life

A very effective agitator helps break up the salt and improve flow

Fits all the BCS power units (except the BCS630WS Commander)

The Nano Spreader is available as an attachment or a stand-alone unit

The attachment version can be used independently without BCS power unit

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