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Flail Mower

Product Code: BCS Flail
The Flail Mower will tackle the worst possible cutting conditions in heavily overgrown areas.

Features of the Flail Mower

Available in 65cm (25") or 85cm (33") working widths

Adjustable cutting height from 1cm (½") to 6cm (2½")

Heavy-duty free swinging blades cut the toughest vegetation

Wide open front to ensure material reaches the blades

Full width steel roller to prevent unnecessary scalping of the ground

Adjustable front flap through 5 positions to accommodate tall vegetation
Flail Mower - 65cm for Crusader & 2 Wheeled Tractors
Price: £1794.00 £1,705.00
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Flail Mower - 85cm for Crusader and 2 Wheeled Tractor
Price: £2034.00 £1,932.30
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Flail Mower - 85cm for Commander
Price: £2034.00 £1,932.30
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