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Reversible Plough

Product Code: BCS REV PL
The Reversible Ploughis fully adjustable for depth and angle and is the ideal tool for "wintering over" once the crop has been lifted.

Features of the Reversible Plough

Working depth up to 20cm (8")

Two options available - slatted or solid mouldboard

The slatted mouldboard version reduces resistance whilst ploughing

The solid mouldboard reduces friction allowing the soil to roll up and over

Simple single lever system changes the working angle of the plough to the left or right

The depth of the plough can be adjusted by turning the t-knob to move the plough up or down

The width of the share ploughed can be controlled via the top lever
BCS Reversible Plough - Slatted Mouldboard
Price: £342.00 £325.00
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BCS Reversible Plough - Solid Mouldboard
Price: £414.00 £395.00
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