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Earth Augers

Whether the job requires one or two operators, this innovative petrol-driven earth-auger from Ardisam Earthquake will enable you to get it done with speed and efficiency.

Its unique Job Site handlebars are specially configured so as to facilitate either one- or two-man use; and also provide a virtually indestructible cage that protects the engine on all sides.

The exclusive handlebar layout combines with Ardisam’s provision of two throttle controls mounted in different positions to make it possible for the user(s) to operate the machine from the optimal working-position for the task in hand.

A flex-coil on the auger-bit works to absorb shock-transfer to protect the drive-train and operator from the extreme forces that can be generated when a solid object is struck; while heat-treated alloy gears and a five-bearing transmission deliver rock-solid reliability and ensure the maximum amount of torque reaches the drill-head.

The Earthquake Dually One / Two Man Auger comes driven by a high-revving two-stroke Viper engine with a two-ring piston for durability in the face of frequent and continuous high-RPM use.
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