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Fetch the lawnmower - it's time for the first cut - 11/02/2016

In March or April, when the sun warms up the soil and the temperatures regularly exceed 8 degrees Celsius, the lawn slowly starts to grow. It is now time to mow the lawn for the first time after the winter break. However, the first cut should only be made approximately two weeks after the lawn has sprouted. Many base this on the first spring flowers such as tulips or daffodils: the lawn is only mown for the first time when these have lost their petals.

Do not forget to check your lawnmower before mowing are all screws still tight and the blades sharp enough? With petrol-powered models, the oil level, the spark plugs, the carburettor and the tank must first be checked.

On mowing methods: frequent mowing of small amounts is often better than more infrequent mowing of large amounts. As a rule of thumb, the blade should be cut by a third or at most by half to a length of four to five centimetres. In high summer, you should leave the grass slightly longer so that the lawn survives dry periods better. Every time you mow, change the direction and pattern of mowing, so that the grass is not always pressed in the same direction.

To give your lawn a good start to the new season, it is necessary to mow it regularly. It is especially important to mow the lawn regularly as this increases the density of the grass and thus leads to a better looking lawn.

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