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Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)

A good job becomes better, safer and maybe even more enjoyable with the right accessories, protection and clothing. So when we develop accessories, supplementary tools and clothing, we apply the same thinking as when we develop our other products: We listen to the most demanding customers and let their views form the basis for our product design and our choice of materials.
For protection to work, it has to be used. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making our protective equipment and clothing so comfortable and ergonomic that you can use them without being restricted or bothered while you work. No protection in the world can replace knowledge and judgement, but it certainly can complement and improve safety.
Good protective equipment must withstand the wear inflicted by long shifts and demanding conditions. The fit and the protective qualities of protective clothing must be retained after it has been used, washed and cleaned. That’s why we use nothing but high-quality materials. For instance, we use genuine kid leather in our gloves, our boots are properly vulcanised and our protective trousers often have the best tear-resistance values in the trade.
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